30mm Sea Urchin Silicone Flex Mold for your crafts

$12.00 USD


Product Description

My urchin molds are made from silicone. The mold you will receive is easy to use and produces beautiful urchins with great detail.
These molds are flexible and require no release agent.

Size: approximately 30mm

There is also a 22mm one available in my shop.

These molds can be used with all brands of polymer clay, but softer clays like Premo or Studio Clay are recommended.
You can also use these molds for Precious Metal clay. Do not use them for food after using for non-edible products. Dedicate either for food or clay.

Inspiration / Story behind this Product:
I live by the seashore and can't help collect little bits and pieces of nature. I've created many beads, pendants and pieces of jewelry with these wonders of nature, but polymer clay is such a great material to recreate these materials, especially if you don't live anywhere near a beach.

30mm Sea Urchin Silicone Flex Mold for your crafts

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