Mold - Mythical Fish with textured background - Polymer Clay

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Product Description

Mold of a mythical fish with textured background. Mold is approx 55 mm tall, Fish itself measures about 46 mm.

The quality of my molds are excellent as I test each mold. For the pendant/necklace example I used an oval cutter. This is a nice pendant size but would also work well to create top pieces for bracelets.

You can create your own pendants with a variety of finishes including that with an imitative bone finish which is great for Vegans or those who don't like animal parts

Stamping with this mold is easy. Just brush on a little bit of water and you're good to go as it is a natural mold release compound and doesn't react with the mold. Premo clays work best with this type of mold, but if you do use Fimo, then use cornstarch for release by dusting the Fimo with it, rather than the mold. Don't use water with Fimo as it will make the clay sticky.

Please allow 1 to 2 days for the creation of your piece.

Sample not included

Mold - Mythical Fish with textured background - Polymer Clay

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