Mold - Sea Urchin 7- Polymer Clay - Handmade

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Product Description

Dimensions of the finished piece would be approx. 1 5/8" diameter (40mm). The penny is for size comparison.
My molds are made from a white high quality polymer clay . They are rigid molds. Colour of mold will vary, but won't impact your molded piece.

Although I use these molds with water as a release agent (I use Premo clay with the molds), you may want to use a light coating of corn starch to the inside of the mold when using Fimo. Any excess corn starch can be brushed away with a soft bristle brush. You can also use Armorall Original Automotive protectant for either clay.

The outside dimensions of the mold may differ a little from the photo, but the mold itself is the same.
I test the molds before sending to you, to ensure quality. Because I handmade each mold, there may be slight imperfections.
The piece pictured with the mold is used for reference only and is not included in the sale. Only the mold is included in the sale.
These mold can be used with all brands of polymer clay including PMC (precious metal clay)

Make pendants, beads, use as cabochons for bead embroidery...let your imagination guide you

Inspiration / Story behind this Product:
I live by the seashore and can't help collect little bits and pieces of nature. I've created many beads, pendants and pieces of jewelry with these wonders of nature, but polymer clay is such a great material to recreate these materials, especially if you don't live anywhere near a beach.

Mold - Sea Urchin 7- Polymer Clay - Handmade