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So what's my story? Where did it all start? The earliest 'creative' memory I have was at age 3 when I cut the family's heirloom lace table cloth apart. I thought it needed more 'holes'. Of course my parents weren't impressed.
On a more grown-up side, for jewelry my first pair of earrings were some paper pyramids and a pair of wire hoops with dangles. I used to sew my own dresses, knit sweaters, crocheted hats, did needlepoint, and in 1989 discovered Fimo while visiting family in Germany. I saw this cool belt buckle made from it and just had to try it...I've been hooked ever since :). It's also my full-time profession. My jewelry and functional objects are owned by many around the Globe and of course I write tutorials and have innovated a few techniques. About that...
It would be kind of egotistical to say I'm an Inventor, but I do have an inventive or versatile mind, always thinking 'what if'... in a constructive kind of way. The techniques I have innovated for Polymer Clay can found in my shop. I enjoy seeing others incorporating them into their own work. Perhaps you too might find something interesting in my shop.
About writing, in the past
I've written tutorials for several magazines, including during the early years of PolymerCAFE (2003-2005), Jewelry Crafts and Step by Step Wire. Most recently my work has been published in "Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewelry".
My most recent tutorials are "Gilded Paths Surface Techniques", "Faux Sea Glass", "New Crackle" and "Batik & Shimmer", but am also known for other imitative techniques such as Beach Pebbles and Bone/Stone/Ammolite.
I also teach beading and am working on a few beading tutorials.

...visit my blog at http://beadcomber.blogspot.com or find me on Facebook under BeadcomberOriginals...

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Welcome to my shop!
sorry if I missed you. I'm currently in the process of moving, so had to deactivate my shop. I'll be back in May!

"A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something"
Frank Capra