Polymer Clay Imitative Beach Stones Tutorial - Ryolite

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Product Description

One of my favorite stone look-alikes is Ryolite which can be easily recreated with this tutorial.
I will teach you how to create your own Ryolite from Polymer clay, how to create realistic inclusions and tips on creating variations for other colours.

If you want a complete series, I have three of them and offer some rocks as single tutorials such as this one or you can get more complete ebooks such as "Imitative Beach Pebbles, Part I" which includes Quartz veins (types plus Quartz inclusions), Basalt and Jasper. Part 2 includes Yellow Quartzite, Beige Ryolite, black-white Granite. Part 3 includes Lava rock (vesicular basalt and black lava), Epidote(greens) and Pumice.
Each series of 3 to 4 stones is $16 or get all of the tutorials
for $39.95.

20 photographs and 15 steps to guide you. Tutorial does not include wire work or stringing but is for inspirational purpose. Happy claying and creating!

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If you have a design you want translated...I do custom work for both polymer clay as well as for Silkscreens. If you have a black and white drawing ready, message me!
For Tutorial purchases, please download them within 7 days or the link/s won't work and then I have to email you the files. I don't mind doing that but it might take me a day or two to get to your message. So much to do! :D