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Sand Dollar Cabochon or Pendant - choose your size - Polymer Clay - Handmade


Item collection il fullxfull.279992300

57 mm purple handmade Sea Star Pendant


Item collection il fullxfull.1211429367 5t6p

Sea Urchin Cabochon or Pendant in various sizes - Polymer Clay - Imitative Raku


Item collection il fullxfull.894771445 4nqm

40mm round Amazonite Patina with Copper Sea Urchin Cabochon or Pendant


Item collection il fullxfull.1015970140 mp1k

40 mm round Gecko, Lizard, Salamander Pendant - handmade - simulated Raku - Polymer Clay


Item collection il fullxfull.570279025 e09k

40 mm Egyptian Horses Cabochon - handmade


Item collection il fullxfull.276396025

55mm oval Purple variegated Sea Urchin Cabochon or Pendant


Item collection il fullxfull.570762986 qek0

Mermaid Cabochon or Pendant - handmade


Item collection il fullxfull.1062495205 550r

36 mm round Sea Turtle Pendant or Cabochon - handmade - simulated Raku - Polymer Clay


Item collection il fullxfull.1062502695 thte

40 x 22 mm oval Seahorse Pendant or Cabochon - handmade - simulated Raku - Polymer Clay


Item collection il fullxfull.906856951 q8nn

40mm round Amazonite Blue with Copper Patina Sea Urchin Cabochon, Pendant or Button


Item collection 427804 original

Cabochons - handcrafted - sea urchins - polymer clay


Item collection bfd43c21 5053 4406 9f38 f90fb88db25d

CABOCHON or PENDANT - Lotus design and texture in Green, Brown or Turquoise, hints of sparkles, Imitative Ceramic Polymer.


Item collection 427869 original

Sea urchin cabochons in an amber orange brown - polymer clay


Item collection 2867460 original

20mm Sea Urchin Cabochon in Raku Polymer clay for beading and crafts


Item collection 427819 original

Purple sea urchin Cabochons - polymer clay


Item collection 2867439 original

40mm round Sea Urchin Cabochon or Pendant Amazonite Blue Teal


Item collection 1343240 original

Amazonite teal turquoise Cabochons - handcrafted - sea urchin - polymer clay


Item collection 7141147 original

Artifact - Mythical Asian Tile Cabochon - handmade


Item collection 6637116 original

30mm Sea Urchin cabochon or pendant - hanmade


Item collection 7141163 original

Sea Urchin Cabochon or Pendant - 57mm handmade focal


Item collection 7141086 original

Angelfish Pendant or Cabochon - handmade


Item collection 7141093 original

Seahorse Cabochon - handmade


Item collection 7141088 original

Viking Raven Thor's Hammer Pendant - Handmade 2 sided


Item collection 6637031 original

Sea Star Pendant - 45mm copper-tone handmade


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