Silicone Flex Mold - 40mm Maple Leaf - for Polymer Clay, Resin, Clay, precious metal clay, Chocolate, Paper clay, soap, Chocolate and crafts

$8.95 USD


Product Description

It's Autumn and all the beautiful colors of Fall are so inspiring. Only natural that I offer some Leaves and Leaves are popular no matter what the Season.
The flexible mold you will receive is easy to use and produces a beautiful Maple Leaf with great detail. I make these molds from silicone which are flexible and require no release agent.

Quantity: 1
Measurement: 40mm across, 40mm wide and 5mm deep at it's deepest. Edges are about 3mm deep.

These molds can be used with all brands of polymer clay, but also work well for precious metal clay, porcelain, resin, paper clay, ceramic clay and even in soap making. If you intend on using it for edible products such as chocolate or ice cubes, please do so solely for that purpose and don't cast resin etc and then use it for food products. Of course it's fine that once you receive the mold to use it for making chocolates and once you no longer intend on doing so, then using it to cast with clay, resin etc.

Make pendants, beads, use as cabochons for bead embroidery...let your guide you. When casting polymer clay, condition the clay well. Once your clay has been pushed completely into the mold, the casting may deform during the removal from the mold. Putting the mold with the clay into a freezer for a short period (3 to 5 minutes) may make distortion less likely.
However, you can also cure your item in the mold as the mold is oven safe up to 400F or 204C. This method creates the most original casting.
Results may vary and no warranty or guarantee is given.

Inspiration / Story behind this Product:
I live by the seashore and can't help collect little bits and pieces of nature. I've created many beads, pendants and pieces of jewelry with these wonders of nature, but polymer clay is such a great material to recreate these materials, especially if you don't live anywhere near a beach.