Silkscreens by Beadcomber - 3 Small Lace Stars designs - great for Earrings, Pendants, Polymer Clay, Paper arts, etching on Glass and more

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Product Description

Artist handmade Silkscreens for your DIY and Crafting
Small silkscreen with Lace Star or Snowflake design. The smallest is 1/2 inch, the mid is 1 inch and the larger is 1.5 inches. Perfect for earrings or pendants. I have a couple of larger lace designs in my shop that would match this.


Here is one of my tutorials in my shop on how to create a faux or imitative Ceramic with silkscreens

If you aren't into creating jewelry, use these for paper arts, fabric, or smooth wood, glass, in soap making (print a design on your hard soaps), use etching cream on glass or use on smooth metal for cuff bracelets.

You may use this screen any way you wish, in items you plan to give away or sell. I mainly use these on polymer clay with mica powders, chalks, soft artist pastels and acrylic paints.
When using paints, please use Jacquard, Jones Tones or Golden Acrylic Paints or similar paints which are fine particle paints. Heavy or medium body acrylics are fine. Liquid or watery paints are not recommended.

After using these paints, you should gently wash the screen in warm water as soon as possible as dry paints are hard if not impossible to remove. Let screen dry before using again or immediately paint the next area of your project. Doing so will allow you to use the screen over and over.

NOTE: These are not open work hard plastic stencils, but silk screens with a woven mesh, so cannot be used for pencil tracing.

The earrings and pendant are for illustrative purposes of what you could create with this silkscreen. To see more samples, please have a look at some of my other screen designs.

Screens are made to order, so please allow 2 - 3 days for me to get them made.

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Silkscreens by Beadcomber - 3 Small Lace Stars designs - great for Earrings,